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    Welcome to the CarX Drift Racing Tech Support Forum!

    The purpose of this forum is to instruct you on how to report a bug and communicate any bug fixes and updates to our players. We appreciate all of our players helping us find issues with the game.

    Please be advised that this is NOT a discussion form, and official technical support is NOT available via this forum. This is a direct line of communication to the CarX team to help report issues, and all critical information of a post should be contained in the subject and first post.

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    Bug Reporting Guidelines
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    Creating a Bug Thread
    Prior to posting, please take the time and search the forum to see if your issue has already been reported. If your search is unsuccessful, please follow these guidelines when posting:

    1. Begin with [BUG] in the subject, and be as descriptive as possible.
    2. Each issue/bug should get a thread.
    3. Please only describe the steps taken to reproduce your problem, do not include any opinions.
    4. Include a screenshot of the issue if you are able to.

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    There is a glitch or some sort of issue with the finish line on the Wilson race course reverse during multiplayer. You are able to go "around" the finish line and keep scoring points untill the time runs out, this must be fixed as i use three accounts and each account is in a different league and the top players in every league are using this finish line glitch, this has turned me off the game as I cannot beat the cheaters without cheating. Please fix and remove the qualifying runs that have "missed the finish line".

    On another topic CLIPPING POINTS will make the game a lot more fair as there would be a single drift line and who ever is the best drifter will be on top, right now it is who can get ultra combo points the fastest wich is hand braking from side to side of the track not true drifting.

    Not sure if the finish line problem is a bug but this is obviously the best place to tell the people who can fix it
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      Theres an issue on multiplayer its giving an error popup when I try raceing others.. I reported the bug but I wanted to know if I should delet and reinstall or if I should try a different route. Please let me know what to do asap. Thank you for your time and energy


      • pinkdrifter
        pinkdrifter commented
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        The same thing is happening to me whenever I try and go against other people it says there is a error that pops up, i dont want to delete it bc I have most cars so is there anyway to fix it?

      • Rassalom
        Rassalom commented
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        Please message us after the next update.
        We have found the bug and will try to fix it in the next update.

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      Whenever i try to purchase something it says "error try again later" could you help me figure this out thx


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        I am having a problem with my Synchronisation, I am unable to receive my old progress from my Facebook account, it says "Network Error Please Check your internet connection". I am so scared that my old progress will be lost as I did so many things there. Thank You


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        Hello, I'm writing this because I purchased 3,360 "cash" (The 26.98$) anyway I purchased it And never got the in game currency so I said ok maybe I hsve to restart it I do that and still nothing pleade get back to me as fast as possible please


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          issue with the apollo and speedline .. the costumisation dissapears .. i spend 2 milion to get my costumisations back ... fb log also is not working


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            Не корректно зашел в игру и не получил награду за последнее соревнование, обидно немного. Это можно как-то восстановить??


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              upd: wrong
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