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  • Error with multiplayer drift points

    Hi, apparently there's an issue with multiplayer drift points. whether in qualification or training, i'm not getting any points at all from my drifting?

    I dont think i'm the only guy with this issue cos I just raced a dude who had 0 drift points also and I can see he's actually drifting. But some players can still get drift points.

    Btw, I tried with 2 cars - the new M4, and my GT350; both couldn't register any drift points. And this is only for multiplayer, i can get drift points alright when I play offline.
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    I have the same problem, using the spectre rs ultimate, in multiplayer battles I sometimes get drift points and sometimes I don't. also happens in qualifying only one of my three attempts registered points


    • Powermissle
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      Same here. I'm not scoring points in multiplayer yet my car is drifting. This happened twice during qualifications and numerous times in battles.

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    It's a track bug.
    But we have relaunched multiplayer with other tracks.
    Please check.


    • cjc
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      Yup I have checked and it's working fine. Will you guys be fixing the Kami Road bug though? That track would be great for multiplayer.

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    That track would be great for multiplayer.
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      Can you add kami road in Multiplayer please?