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  • Glitch kicking out of the game IOS

    First of all, I am in league 3, i qualified, drove about 10 races, quit the game, but when i came back, it says that i'm not qualified, and i need to pay for qualification, to retry it, i paid once, but then after a few days it's all over again the same, who's gonna return me my dollars?.
    Then the next issue when drivin drift in multiplayer, sometimes it kicks me out of the game for no reason, i have reinstalled the game but it did not change anything. In the past multiplayer season i was in league 2, but after the season they kicked me to league 3, because of your glitch, almost every time when i started to battle, the track was Saihem forest, and the track changed in the middle in the season, and when i started to battle after the first corner it kicked me out of the game. It happened in times when race started and opponents ghost did'nt appear, then i knew that after few seconds the game will crash, the i went back in to the game and battle again different opponent, if the opponents ghost was showing then i could complete the track, but if not then there's the crash, i want back my dollars, and i want back to 2 league, it wasn't my fault, it's yours glitchy game please make it right! Im playing from ipad air 2 ios9, i also play from samsung galaxy s4 with all settings low, but i get low fps, it's unplayable from my samsung why is that? The phone is not that old!!! Please respond i really like the game but with so many glitches i can't play i already suggested the game to all my friends so know that +15 people is playing that game since i found it, so be thankfull, and repair the glitches, that's all I and my friends are asking for,!!

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    Was first in third league kicked back to fifth with nearrly 1700pnts


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      Very upset wat not awarded 275 cash or promoted whatsoever