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  • Drifting much harder in multiplayer

    So I'm wondering why it seems so much harder to get the car to drift in multiplayer than single... I can easily easily control the car position anywhere on the track and complete full combo drifts with ease.... why does the same car not slide as easily or initiate the drift like I can in single player?
    Has it been coded to be harder? I find I have to touch the handbrake to force a drift instead of using the cars power and inertia through a corner.
    The car just seems to wanna go straight!!

    Any help would be great as it's frustrating to be getting such low scores online and killing it on single player.


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    Probably because you don't have the momentum from starting at the start. Could be Down to muscle memory and your brain is like wtf is this PoS? I don't remember this? Oh crap, this is difficult. What car you use?


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      I agree with Kingklutz, on pretty much everything he said
      the start momentum does affect the 'hardness' at the start, once you get going tho, there isn't any difference.
      Best thing is to do the training a few dozen times to get that muscle memory tuned to the multiplayer course.