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  • 2017 Chevy Camaro ZL1 widebody


    • Mercedes-Benz E63S AMG Estate 2014
      There is only 1 Mercedes in the game and its the c class, I think the e class is definitely must.


      • mk2 and mk3 ford soerra cosworth


        • who agrees that we missing mk2 and mk3 Ford sierra cosworth to represent the UK, E36 BMW to complete the BMW lineup mabe E39 too, and C10, R31 skylines, and mk2 Cressida with FC RX7 from japan, then the car list would be complete.


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            • sup Also E34 and E60.


              • Hey guys I have a list of cars that i think should be added to the game:
                Alfa Romeo 8c 2009

                aston martin one-77 2012

                bentley continental gt

                bmw m6 coupe

                caddilac cts-v coupe

                1969 chevy camaro

                1967 chevvy corvette stingray

                chevvy corvette zr1

                chrysler crossfire srt6

                dodge charger daytona hemi

                1991 ferarri 512 tr

                1994 ferarri f355 berlinitto

                ferarri 575 maranello

                ferarri gto

                ferarri 612 scaglietti

                ferarri f355 chalanger

                ferarri 330 p4

                458 italia

                599 gto

                jaguar xj220

                lexus lfa 2010

                lotus esprit v8

                maserati granSport

                maserati gran turismo S

                merc 300sl gulwing

                merc clk55 amg

                merc cl 65 amg

                merc project 1

                merc maybach 6

                pontiac firebird trans m

                renault clio v6

                saleen s281

                toyota supra 2018

                2003 vw r32


                • Originally posted by davidbillmanoy View Post
                  sup Also E34 and E60.
                  thay just added FC RX7 and E36 LOVE U DEVS


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                    • Originally posted by sup View Post
                      Best. Drift Car. Ever. In. Europe!!!


                      • BMW M5 E60
                        Year: 2004 - 2010
                        Name: UDM 5

                        Nissan Skyline GTR R32
                        Year: 1989 - 1994
                        Name: Godzilla GTR2


                        • Mercedes Benz S600 V12


                          • Ford Focus RS (2008) or
                            Ford Fiesta ST (2013)


                            • The new Siberia GTR that was added with the new time attack event is a RWD. Could you change it back to the standard AWD? I’ve got the Race+ tune on it and it just slides every time I take a corner. Please take this into consideration. Have a good day!


                              • How about Guy Martins 1967 ‘VÖX’ Volvo Amazon with 788hp under the hood. This beast of a car has a special built 2.8-litre turbo charged engine and six-speed gearbox. 60mph in 3,1 seconds. I’ve seen it live, sweet yeezuz! It’s insane! And brutally good looking.

                                Watch it POWN a Ferrari here: