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  • Check your internet connection problem.

    Hello,i and couple of my friends as well as people in play store have a major problem about signing in with facebook on the game.I uninstalled the game and then i dowloaded it again and wanted to play the same profile i had but it says check your internet connection even tho i have perfect connection and everything else works even if i didnt sign in the game (which i did atleast i think so) atleast it would alowe me to sing in then right? But it doesnt so i hope you fix this and let me play this aversome game.

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    I have the same problem, I try again and again and it's says connection error, yet when I test my wifi speed it says excellent.


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      Hello. Did you update the game? New update v 1.8.1 is available in the AppStore and Google Play. These problems were fixed and now everything seems to work fine.