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  • Possible solution to stop the non drifting and let the real drifting live!

    Alright so I read a bit on forum and noticed I wasn't the only one getting annoyed by the AWD "drifters". I came up with an idea of how to fix it (if possible) but it's up to the developer whether to they want to take this serious or not.

    Anyways so my idea is that on every map it's a different timer to get the combo( timer fitting for the turns of the map perhaps?) and not able to get a new combo till the end of every turn, kind of like a scan thing at the end of a turn. When you change direction of your car and head for the other turn you get the higher combo.

    I hope this made any sense and was understandable, if you have any questions or understood nada just leave a reply and I'll try to give a better explaination.