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  • Suggestion about the replays

    I just wanted to Fraps my replay making 24k points on a track that requires 6k points to win but when I clicked "replay", I only saw the car going around and drifting. So my suggestion is this - make the replay have all the HUD the player sees while driving, including the drift points. The only difference will be that during the replay there will also be controls for the camera and taking a screenshot. That way people with weaker machines (mine is not weak) will be able to achieve high results and then record them safely, without Fraps interrupting their drift performance (cuz you know how Fraps drops the FPS while recording).

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    Can't you use Fraps just while you play?
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      Typical. Why bother reading the whole post. You have a 128 core computer, why should you care?


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        Well. There is Bandicam and it's better.Such replays will drop FPS while you play the game. Cause we will need to save DP condition to the memory