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  • Android Tilt Steering-related issues

    Hi guys, its my first time in this community and to ever post on forums. Anyway, I'll go straight to my issue.

    I've recently found out about this game just 2 days ago. I love it. When I played the game, I thought that it was more than just drifting in this game. I made a touge run video I posted in Everyplay. The reason I drove that way was because I can't drift without spinning out. Especially when I use RWDs which I can't believe I can't drive with relative ease. I barely drift so I resorted to AWD Horizon GT racing tuned. I have steer assist off because it doesn't really help my steering. Basically, I'm trying to ask the devs if there are some kind of fixes for my personal issue. I really love this game and I just really thought it can be more than just drifting. Please make more Kami road-like maps. They bring nostalgia to Initial D fans like me. Please hear me out. I apologize if I disappoint any of you guys. Thank you.

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    Give it a try with steering assist on, it's really hard with it off

    The only way I manage to drift like a boss without it is with the Hoonicorn


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      We do work on another touge track