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  • Scoring System Suggestion (mobile)

    Streight to the point....
    am fustrated with those players who slithers back and forth on the track and obtain rediculous scores.

    Those guys are making it hard for other players who wants a genuine drift experience and a shot at winning the JDM KING event and/or online events. I honestly don't know how it is possible to drift around a corner to a point where you're facing the opposite (wrong) way and still get rewarded points. (More points than drifting as should)

    The play store discription of drift/race SIMULATOR is debatable.

    You simply don't see this Bull-feces in formula D

    Other than that issue,best game ever ...just get rid of the snakes
    Last edited by Eddon; 09-01-2017, 10:11 PM.

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    Did you try PC version of the game?


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      That bothers me too. It would be great if something could be done about it.


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        We work on the clipping points and zones guys