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  • Car Damage

    This game is so great for a mobile app! I think a lot of users have suggestions and things they would like to see added. I understand it might be difficult to add a lot of things while keeping the game small enough to play on a mobile device in terms of GB.

    I think car damage would be such a great addition to Carx if it were possible. Tapping the walls would incur sratches or crumples on the body and we could rock the damage or pay coins to fix certain panels of the car.

    If we crashed the car into a wall, it could get totalled and we would have to use coins to fix it or buy another car (or the same car).

    It would be sick to be able to only fix certain panels and be able to make them different colors. I think it's cool to see a drift car with some different color panels.

    If Carx had damage I would play even more carefuly and big drifts would be even more intimidating and suspensful as one slides up a hill at bathurst hoping not to go into the wall. It would add to realism immensly!

    Thanks for reading(:

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    Thanks for the awesome idea! I love car damage and it has a lot of good sides for the game. But first of all we should make multiplayer ant advanced car customization. And then we will think think over your suggestion.


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      I agree! I'm stoked that multiplayer is your priority and car customization advancement is needed. Thank you for taking suggestions from users.


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        That's why we are here


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          Where can we download it


          • Rassalom
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            Hi! What can I do for you? Do you need link on the game?...

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          This is a really great idea, but i think the penalty idea is a good idea too for the pros, but i feel bad for the newcomers as they're struggling to just buy another car, but if the penalty doesn't cost too much, i'll be okay with that!