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  • Option to race against our own ghost?

    I know there's currently an option to turn on your own ghost, but that isn't reflected in the replay and the "ghost" is a red car without any details. I was thinking whether its possible to develop it further, letting us race against our own ghost but with a detailed ghost car which is also viewable in the replay? That has so much potential to allow us to create sick drift replays with ourselves driving in 2 cars, tandeming it out. That would make single player even more fun. Just a suggestion.

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    I think that we will make that in the next updates.
    Thank you for the suggestion!


    • cjc
      cjc commented
      Editing a comment
      Oh yes. Thanks for considering my suggestion, really look forward to it (:

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    Just a suggestion.


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      Thank you for the suggestion!
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