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  • some ideas.

    *want to start by saying this game is alot of fun! I have spent hours playing and I thoroughly enjoy what you guys have created.

    I have a few ideas to make this game more interesting and entertaining.

    1. adding more drift oriented tracks such as Eibisu circuit, maze, Nikko circuit, Tsukuba maybe a touge (mountain road) track ect..

    2. Swappable wheels and body parts to give each players cars a little bit more of there own character as well as being able to paint different body panels and wheels different colors.

    3. Clipping point bonus, there should be a spot on the inside of the corner where if you get as close as you can you would get a bonus for a certain amount.

    4. Making replays shareable with Instagram as well as being able to save them to your device of choice.

    These are a few ideas i thought I would share with you guys to help with further development of this fun game.

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    Thank you for the sugestions!


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      Any chance of a v8 supercar, damage on the cars if you rub a wall? Also what about more than 1 lap races??? Will there be multiplayer version anytime?


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        We will add multiplayer in the future.And we would add v8 supercar if players ask for it frequently.


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          It would be realy cool if u add not a supercar but some 4x4 action
          Im thinking like some Subaru or smth like that


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            I agree with Gorolla's idea