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  • E46 joke

    The car has absolutely HORRIBLE drift handling, would expect much more for 700 golds.

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    Agreed. Car has too much front grip and the angle is bismal. I'd rather use the Santa truck. In fact the Santa truck is better.

    Ive used it once and went wtf is this. I would expect this as a free car. I know the coding is hard but still, use the Spector as a base and mess around with it.

    sounds good though and this is my favourite Beamer to look at sooooo

    Also I feel WAAAAAY too close to the steering wheel. I should be able to see the out the window but I cant. I'm not a 90 year old granny.

    im a lanky guy cmon man.

    EDIT: playing with the car and using it more, the car has too much front grip and too little power (could do with 30-40 more).

    I I do like the lack of turbo. The race version is very understeery and can have too much over steer. Needs more camber at front and grippier wheels at the back or a larger offset)
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      And I was literally expecting an E46 joke 😂😂😂


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        This is the only E46 joke I could think of


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          That's so true. Why do companies think it's ok to sell these ugly PoS? Like 'oh this is what I got, and I'm gonna sell it. I am also blind'

          Tbf, I wouldn't mind one if it was given for free 😂😂😂


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            If they gave me one for free, I would sell it immediately and bought e36 coupe


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              Haha I would sell it and save up for a 180sx


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                I agree, it costs 740 golds but it sucks to drive, and it looks like it has mad angles when it drifts, but seriously it's hard to drift it, and it hits rev limiter so quickly. But, it has nice interior though, i'll give you that