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  • Just a few ideas for customisation

    I know this won't be in the next update (obviously) because we are getting the E46 and an airfield (can't wait)

    so so here's my ideas:

    just some kits (preferably individualised, front, side, rear, fenders etc etc)

    drift armour - just looks good and protects the car. Even with no damage.

    Extreme drift wing - nothing says IM DRIFTING MOVE than a massive wing attached to the actual frame of the car

    oil filter on the front bumper cus JDM and looks awesome - have the option to have it left, right or centre.

    rust - the older cars like the AE86 or even the Supra would be pretty awesome... Have it as light, medium or heavy amount of rust.

    other things can Include wheel spacing, fender flares, LED lights. Pop up headlights teplaced with LED fixed lights (don't move).

    Removable body - all possible panels removable will be awesome. Imagine a car like the vette cart from motor trend XD

    Roll cage - from basic 2 point to a full D1 GP or FIA spec depending on the build.

    another feature could be each specific build has its own build. The drift build on a Wellington will be saved and will differ from your race tune.

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    I've never seen such customization in any game...It will be good to make something like that


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      It would. You wouldnt see me for days on end XD


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        You won't see us for a year while we make that


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          Well played my dear Rassalom. Well played. Ok so maybe just basics for now, what kind of wheels would be expecting in the new update?

          Stuff that that I came up with?

          Also, how do you get permission from the actual manufacturers to include these cars.... Is there any loopholes?


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            Is the customization going to be on iOS eventually too ?


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              Originally posted by Dylan View Post
              Is the customization going to be on iOS eventually too ?
              Next update will have customisation. Probably very limited but still


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                I guess we will release another update before customization. Even 2...There will be bug-fixes update soon.


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                  Customization is needed! It will be so much fun not only to drift, but to make a car look completely different. Bring it on!
                  P.S. Kingklutz has some nice suggestions...


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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	maxresdefault.jpg
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ID:	4371 I would really enjoy customization like that, especially being able to put a big wing on the Fairlady like in Initial D.
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                      Yeah it would be great to see a customization in CarX. Tuner and Stanced cars... Omg I can't imagine it. Thats what I want in game since when I play it first time.