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  • Wanderer L30

    What do you think about the car?
    Click image for larger version

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    Good fun, stock is ok,

    Turbo has some perk, wants to oversteer but doesn't have the power (or lack of weight) to do so.

    Racing is mad as hell, 605 HP monster, although there is not mch grip it is still fun to crap yourself when you over cook the corner a little and into the wall. It sounds great, handles well (tail happy though) and quick.

    Drift is disappointing though. Too little power and too much weight (410 ish HP and 1400kg isn't a good combination) it struggles to keep enough speed in corners and is hard to chain combos.


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      For drift at least make it 800hp-1000hp. That's how 2jz should be.


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        I agree the drift setup is way underpowered. It should be able to spin tires easily in 3rd or 4th. So around 800-1000hp should be fine.

        To be honest it's a real disappointment compared to the way cheaper horizon gt4


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          Can u post how to setup for racing? Bcos it really love to burnout