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  • VIP is not worth it

    Here is a pro tip for everyone. VIP is not worth it. At current prices, if you're paying with coins - you won't get them back.

    Here is how it breaks down for me:

    The Races
    Multiplayer season - 82 hours
    Times you can race every driver on the list - 4 (roughly)
    How many people can you race - 22 (at season start you can race more, after that, about 22 is the limit)
    Qualifications - 2 sessions of 3 races - 6 races
    Total Number of races per season - 88 plus 6 qualifying races

    Rewards without/ with VIP (+25%)
    Rewards per race: 2 / 3 coins
    Rewards per qualification: 6 / 8 coins

    The Math:
    Race rewards: 176 / 264 > 88 coin bonus
    Qualification reward: 36 / 48 > 12 coin bonus
    Assuming you finished first - 300 / 375 > 75 coin bonus

    If you are an absolute beast, you cheat, manji and shit-talk people in chat - you will get about 175 extra coins from your 3-day VIP, which costs....350 coins. I don't see how it's fair.

    If you time it right, and race in Multiplayer and the Drift Kind challenge at the same time, you can make a profit. DK pays 400 coins for just racing and extra 400 coins for finishing behind top 100 drivers. With 25% VIP boost, it will give you 200 extra coins, bringing your total to 375....over 350 cost. Now, for 7 days you can multiply everything by a factor of two. VIP has a cash boost as well, but I'm ignoring it because it's useless.

    See where I'm going with it? It's a bullshittеrу.