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  • Multiplayer Scoring Overhaul

    Like most people who play this game, I'm here for drifting.

    Unfortunately I feel like the multiplayer drifting portion of the game is way off base. At best it's a novelty but it hardly qualifies as a properly competitive multiplayer environment.

    The main reason I feel like multiplayer drifting doesn't work in this game is that the scoring system is completely broken. Scoring is relatively arbitrary and is clearly created outside of the actual world of drifting. Players who don't understand drifting or want to just try and outscore everyone else can take a wacky noodle line and rack up combo multipliers before traveling across the course.

    We all know about this and there hasn't been anyone done so far to fix it really.

    Here are my ideas for how to make Drifting Multiplayer more fun and more competitive!

    I feel like the Qualifier scoring could be re-structured, showing the Qualifying player the correct drifting line that they need to follow with an indicator on the track (Remember Gran Turismo?).
    Further, indicators showing in and out clipping zones on the turns would give players an area to aim for, effectively dictating the PROPER drifting line for each "track". This would force everyone to follow the same line, as real drift competition does, which would make for a more fun "Battle".
    If you're not hip to how drifting scoring works, check out this article.

    Giving the players a FIXED line that they're attempting to aim for gives a much tighter margin of scoring and also makes the game more fun to boot.

    2. BATTLE
    My dream would be a scoring system that factors in your proximity to the other car as well as hard hits, on top of the aforementioned system for Qualifying.
    Of course every Battle is a following run, so the incentive for the player is the 1st, keep pace with the lead car, 2nd, maintain angle and line throughout the track.
    Just like in real drifting, the original line set forth by the judges is what you're aiming for in qualifying, but in the tandem runs, when you follow the goal is to follow the Lead car's line.
    Ultimately, I think that there should be an over/under where if you can't get within xxx points of the lead car, you lose. If you get their score -xxx points or better, you win. Simple. If it's too close to call, maybe a do-over, again just like real drifting.

    Even if Battle was left alone, it would be way more fun with a more controlled qualifying run.
    Imagine if EVERYONE you go to battle knew the proper line to follow. It would at least make it FEEL like you're ACTUALLY drifting against the other player.

    I would love to hear from the Devs about reasonings, plans for the future etc as well as other players opinions on how this should work.

    At the end of the day, I think anyone on this forum recognizes how great this platform is. I would love to see it taken to the next level with a properly competitive multiplayer mode that gives the game true longevity and a massive player base!

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    I've been fighting the same fight for ages. I absolutely hate how people do really slow manjis for the entire track and rack up 15000 points. That's not drifting it's just swerving left and right. And those people always have the same response, "well maybe you should just practice more and get better, watch my YouTube videos for ideas". Well how about you guys just shut the hell up and start actually drifting instead of weaving from side to side. Drifting is high speed, hitting the corner apexs and exits and keeping close proximity to the other car, not 1st gear manjis for the entire track


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      Do you guys know Peak Angle?
      I mean, do you like their scoring system?...


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        I'm not familiar with Peak Angle's scoring system, but I think going at this from a fresh angle is the best way to do it. Let's be honest, no video game has ever really done a good job at drifting.

        As far as the actual "Game" of "Car X Drift Racing", this is not a good game.

        There is no incentive's to play, there's no real competition that makes any sense for multiplayer.

        The only thing about this game that really works is the driving. The cars look and sound great. They WORK great in a drifting condition. Even tuning the specs has been very effective for me.

        I've gone ahead and drawn some diagrams that I'm going to post separately from this reply to explain my adjustments to the current scoring system.


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          Forgive my crude renderings but I did this while I was working this morning lol

          These adjustments that I propose are imagined based in the current game design. Anything that is not specifically changed should be assumed to stay the same.

          My main adjustment to the multiplayer drifting scoring system is the MANDATORY RACING LINE.

          In qualifying, this line will be marked out with a 2 dimensional strip drawn on the road.
          In order to accrue drifting points AT ALL, you must have at least 1 wheel inside of this line and at least 2 wheels on the track. If you are not fulfilling these conditions, you get 0 points until you are.

          Want to combo? Forget your lame ass low-speed manjis. You MUST hit the correct markers on the track to collect combo points. If you miss a marker, your combo status stays the same. You shouldn't lose them COMPLETELY but you shouldn't gain a new one for an arbitrary mark. (like currently where you gain a combo level for turning, even if the track doesn't need you to turn. This SUCKS in multiplayer drifting)

          Apex Clipping point and Exit markers!
          These work towards combos and are placed when appropriate.

          In this image you can see the driver is currently in the Apex clipping zone, and on trajectory to hit the exit clipping zone as they exit the turn.
          If you drift continuously through these Entry, Apex and Exit zones, you accrue combo points. If you miss one or more in a sequence, you do not combo up.
          These entry, apex and exit zones can either group together to create one combo opportunity OR they could be individual combo points. Either way, it will help keep drivers on line, making multiplayer driving MORE FUN. As well as keeping everyone on the same page as far as what good drifting is, allowing the competition to be more accurate to real drifting and overall, closer and more competitive.
          Click image for larger version

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          In Battle mode, an extra adjustment is made to the scoring system, where proximity to the lead car adds to your score.

          Maintain close distance to get a level 1 bonus (lets say x2)

          Get up on their door and recieve a level 2 bonus (lets say x3)

          Eclipse their ghost, meaning touching at all, and your drift points stop accruing until you've left their ghost.

          This method, in my opinion, allows for a tandem-like competition feeling without having live multiplayer.
          The ghost right now is arbitrary, because it has no effect on your run. You can see how the other player got their score but that's about it.

          The idea of the ghost interaction causing the points to pause, is similar to in real drifting where if you hit, you're disqualified. There's a caveat where light contact is not penalized, which I think is mimiced in this idea, allowing a driver to accidentally "bump" their challenger without being disqualified if they can drive their way out of it gracefully.

          Obviously I would love to see live multiplayer, but I can understand why it doesn't exist. If it's in the works, GREAT! If not, lets fix the following.

          1. Make the multiplayer drift scoring system actually resemble REAL LIFE drifting scoring.
          Right now it's like if this was a basketball game that awarded you .5 points every time you hit the backboard with the ball. Doesn't make sense...

          2. Make the multiplayer drifting experience ACTUALLY COMPETITIVE and feel like there's a reason that you're drifting against another person aside from just beating their pre-recorded score.
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            It was a great explanation.
            Thank you!
            We will try to make something similar on PC first


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              This is what a drift should be like when in competition great explanations


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