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  • Car to buy next

    I only have a million points in the game but enough cash for the black jack x22 and want to know the best(easiest to drift) Spector or the black jack x22
    Or anyone have more luck with the less expensive cars?
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    A million credits? Get the Spector. Best overall car, turbo lag doesn't kill the car, looks good.
    Mad for cheaper cars, the R33 and R34 skyline are pretty damn good.

    As for cash cars... None of them are particularly greats. The Phoenix is probably the best I dunno.

    The Blackjack is shite apparently.


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      The Caravan has heaps of steering lock and is really easy to drift. I won league ll using it. I don't like the Phoenix it handles weird, the Spector is great all round.


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        Spector is best, no matter what. I won all leagues with it.