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  • Raven RV8 (My review)

    So as I bought this I was like f*** me. 1720kg you must be mad but then I took it for a spin (metaphorically) and you know what... It's fricken brilliant.

    1. It's easy to handle.
    2. Pretty much impossible to spin (if you don't try)
    3. Good amount of power to make up for its weight.
    4. Good for beginners
    5. Interior isn't bad (although that screen could do with being blank as image is pixelated + doesn't move)
    6. That front camber is perfect

    1. despite this power it still lacks in some, this hefty beast might be good but it's not perfect.
    2. When in cockpit view the A pillar is literally all you can see, so it's difficult.
    3. The wheels are nasty (although if you black them out it doesn't look too bad)

    That's my thoughts

  • #2
    I agree...the Raven is perfect for beginners
    Camber is perfect to hold angles for a long drift...
    The wieght helps with momentum drifts but not to much to carry u off the track...I got mine setup black and gold...and it looks amazing...I used it for leagues 5-6..then switched to the pheonix...great review...simple and effective enough for beginners to understand...good job klutz