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  • Version 1.3.1

    CarX Drift Racing is updated on iOS and Android!
    iOS ver. - http://goo.gl/zzZ2x3
    What's New in iOS Version 1.3.1:
    - The graphical design of the game was changed to more handy.
    - There are 3 modes of ride in the game: drift, time trial and training.
    - Drift points earning rules were revised. Just drift it!
    - Burner JDM
    The large sedan with unique combination of agressive design and supreme comfort.
    - The first reverse track was added to the game.
    - Major changes of the game economy: prices were droped, tracks don’t have different multipliers anymore; the highest multiplier of a car is 5.
    Android ver. - http://goo.gl/mwamDz
    What's New in Android Version 1.3.1:
    - From now on, your reward directly depends on earned drift points. Get reward equal to merit.
    - We fixed HUD, in order for less details distract you from the track.
    - Hachu-Rocku was improved. And now it's fully sick.
    - You don't receive DP for repetitive drift on the same parts of track.
    - Some car and profile prices were changed.
    - The game code is optimized.

    WP update is coming soon.

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    The Burner JDM has a distatful body kit I'm a little dissapointed with the new graphics and the different feel of the S13. I see that you're working hard on making improvements that appeal to the community as a whole so props. Is there any way I can revert to the previous version?


    • Rassalom
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      Sorry but I can't help you to revert it. Just wait for the next one. It will be pretty soon.

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    it would be great, if you could add a drift tutorial to drift with steeringassistent off
    and tuning like body kits and other rims the game would be perfect


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      Hopefully update 1.3.2 comes with a patch for all of the issues that came with 1.3.1.


      • Rassalom
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        Hi! What is the issue?

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      نبيك تحط اونلاين وكابرس


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        when you will release the next update ?


        • Rassalom
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          Sorry but we don't have exact date yet